About ​The Developer

The Queens Quay E is at a great location with close proximity to parks and nature trails near the downtown core. The ideal location makes it more appealing for homebuyers and investors alike. The vibrant community and atmosphere along with the luxurious lifestyle make it an admirable urban center. It manages to cater to various business needs and requirements for residents.

The growing neighborhood is on the way to becoming one of the bustling areas in the real estate market. With experience and innovative homebuilding team of developers, the building program is attracting many viewers.

Every wish of the buyer is fulfilled with this condo development. Empire communities is a pioneer developmental companies which have already built over 10,000 homes and condos. They are concerned with building esteemed and elegant communities at a good and vibrant location. There are many foods, wellness, and financial options for homeowners. You can contact us today to get more information on the new condo development right away!

About Empire Communities

Empire communities create and develop modern urban pieces of establishments. They are known to take care of their clients all over the world. With their extensive experience in building vibrant communities, they focus on building elegant, eco-friendly styles.

Empire has played a major role in the development of the neighborhoods in Toronto like the Southwestern Ontario along with the GTA in its condo establishments. They have been functional in building inspiring new places to live since 1993. While they have already built more than 12,000 beautiful new homes and high-rise condos, another 12,000 new homes are on the way.

The smart and intelligent planning for innovation takes their development to the next level of excellence. A perfect addition to their impressive portfolio is 162 Queens Quay E.

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More ​About the Condo

This real estate development is successfully providing residents with an innovative lifestyle of condo living with an affordable price range. The location of the building is very admirable for investors with the blooming and bustling neighborhood. Get easy access to the latest news and developments about this 162 Queens Quay condos right now!

The community promotes a true experience of belonging with the rest of the residents. The appealing site of the condo development looks over the beautiful views of Sugar Beach Park. The unique structure of the building complements the entire neighborhood with a charming presence.

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